Today, Trinidad and Tobago joins the rest of the world in celebrating International Consultants Day 2020 on 4 June. We recognize and commend the consulting profession for its accomplishments and the important role it has played in enhancing the business and institutional health of private and public sector organizations in Trinidad and Tobago and around the world.

Consultants provide valuable advisory services in important areas, such as, organizational development, change management, and economic growth and sustainability. The need for these services will become even more important as organisations seek to find appropriate responses to the “new normal” given the challenges presented by the COVID—19 global pandemic, economic uncertainty and civil unrests against longstanding social injustices.

The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago through the Ministry of Trade and Industry, has championed initiatives to promote the development of the business sub-sector which includes consultancy services as part of its growth and economic diversification strategy. Outlined within the National Trade Policy for Trinidad and Tobago (2019-2023) are several policy measures aimed at developing the competitiveness and trade performance of the subsector. These measures cover broad areas such as, industry financing and infrastructure development; institutional, legislative and regulatory modernisation; market development and opportunities; and trade capacity building and promotion.

Trinidad and Tobago is also currently in discussions with its CARIFORUM partners to develop a regional plan for the development of the services sector in an effort to improve competitiveness and grow trade.

Among the outcomes envisaged from this collaboration is the simplification of the registration process for professionals making it easier to move within the region.

On average, Trinidad and Tobago consumes more than US$40 million in foreign consultancy services while supplying US$9 million each year. Notwithstanding the current domestic and international challenges, it is envisaged that the aforementioned policy interventions will assist local consultants to access more opportunities domestically, regionally and internationally.

As the Ministry of Trade and Industry continues to support the development of the consultancy services subsector in Trinidad and Tobago, we also recognize the efforts of the International Management Consulting professional body (CMC-Global), the Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants (CICMC) and the Trinidad and Tobago Chapter as well as all the other chapters and the role they have played in developing the consultancy services subsector.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry recognizes the significant contributions made by the services sector in the country’s economic diversification thrust and is committed to continue working with all stakeholders to ensure that the enabling environment is created for the further development and expansion of the services sector.

Happy International Consultants Day!

Paula Gopee-Scoon
Minister of Trade and Industry

Author: connycimc