Dear Colleagues,

As we close out this year, giving thanks to God for bringing us through the devastating experiences of an active hurricane season, which negatively impacted our region and many colleagues, we are mindful of our successes and the advances made by our institution.   Our prayers and condolences also go out to Immediate-Past President Vasantha, on the most recent loss of her dearest husband Mackie. We also extend our humble condolences to all other members who have lost loved ones earlier in the year.
Despite our challenges and personal losses, the Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants, through its directorate and Committee activities, has successfully instituted programmes and structures, to position itself and members to competitively pursue regional and global initiatives.  We have seen the manifestation of these successes in several ways, including strengthened network relationships within CICMC, with regional stakeholders and CMC-Global colleagues.

As a progressive institute, CICMC looks forward to continuing this growth pattern throughout 2018. 

Our New Year’s resolve, as we look forward to leveraging the momentum of 2017, is to engage more of our members in committee and planning activities.  We will use the age old adage that ‘it takes a village to grow up a child’ as our rallying cry. This projects to yet another opportunity to draw members even more closely, in collaborative pursuits of initiatives.
We also look forward to resuming activities for our previously postponed Conference and the fellowship associated with the conference and workshops.
As I reflect on my year and personal growth, I thank God for the opportunity to serve you, your sustained Blessings and your Good Health.  I also wish to thank you for your continued support!

All the Best for 2018
Donald Demeritte, CMC

Author: connycimc