I have found the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) journey to be a very fulfilling one. For more than 30 years I’ve been a consultant and have had some measure of success. The CMC journey, however, made me realize the difference between a consultant providing technical expertise and a ‘management consultant’.

Exposure to Kubr Management Consulting opened my eyes to a whole new world of approaching consulting assignments, in order to give my clients better outputs and outcomes. The process of Entry, Diagnosis, Action Planning, Implementation and Termination provided a structured approach to assignments which I now use in a much more purposeful way.

I have found the application of the Competency Framework to be most useful in helping me develop into a more professional consultant. This, along with Kubr book, is now my constant guiding companion, as I undertake assignments with a new perspective.

I remember my first discussion with Dennis Strong, many years ago, on what management consulting is. I didn’t get it! I was too ignorant of the process. Today I am grateful to him and all of those who have helped to enlighten me along the way. I am grateful for those who encouraged me to pursue the certification journey and stayed with me when my enthusiasm waned.

The lessons learnt along the way are priceless.

I would encourage all who have had the intention to become CMCs to fast track the process. It is one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself. This is definitely one of those experiences in which ‘the journey’, not the destination was the most valuable part of the experience. That being said, the ‘pinning’ (of my CMC pin) at last year’s Conference was a defining moment, not to be devalued, but the journey of preparing the engagement summaries, doing the courses and preparing for my orals has equipped me for a very bright global future in consulting.

I am most proud to be a member of this amazing profession!

Author: connycimc