Requirements & benefits of becoming a Member

Membership Benefits

CMC Designation – membership affords you the unique opportunity to apply for the Certified Management Consultant designation.  The CMC is the sole international certification benchmark in the field of Management Consulting and this designation is recognized in almost fifty countries across the globe.

Networking –CIMC members benefit from networking in a variety of ways.  Listings on our site and directory expose members to potential clients. Our annual Management Consulting Business Symposium give members the opportunity to interact with colleagues from other islands and regions, as well as potential business partners from around the world.

Savings – while many of our training sessions and seminars are open to the public, members benefit from significant discounts to attend these events. Members also save on online courses.

Professional development – this is one of the cornerstones on which the CIMC was founded. Professional development of the members  remains a priority and members benefit from ongoing, regular training opportunities designed to make them more competitive and successful.

Professional Development

Professional development and learning is at the heart of CIMC.

If you want this to be your most lucrative year ever, as you switch gears to the new consulting paradigm, we have some exciting news. We have negotiated and are also in the process of negotiating additional programs that can be offered to our members and regional consultants, to supplement our staple offerings.  One such negotiated program has consistently been rated over 9 stars (out of 10) by global consultants who have been through it.

David Fields, the award-winning host, who is a friend of our Institute, has designed a special version of his ‘Client Acquisition Formula’ program just for CIMC’s members. This means that you will have yet another option to assist you with building your firm with David and other consultants in the region, who understand the new paradigm in addition to our particular consulting challenges.

Those of us who attended the CMC-Global Annual conference in Nassau, The Bahamas (2019) got to experience David firsthand, as he wowed the international gathering. He challenged the way we think about consulting—and if we’re going to achieve different results, we know we have to change the way we think. David also revealed practical guidelines and steps he’s used to build his own multi-million dollar consulting practice.

Equally or more important, CMC-Global has expanded its suite of developmental workshops and are conducting fact finding assessments of all its institutes, and will be delivering through CIMC and its collegial institutes, programs that speak directly to membership professional training and development!

Stay tuned for more details.

Membership Requirements


A Certified Member is a practicing management consultant in good standing and who has been awarded the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation after successfully going through an assessment process.This process requires you to present evidence of your competence in management consulting processes and your area of technical specialization against the Institute’s Competency framework.
CMC members are also tested against their understanding of the CIMC Code OF Ethics. CMC candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of three year’s experience in full time management consulting with major responsibility for client engagements during at least one of those years.
  • Possess the requisite qualification for the area of practice.
  • Provide written summaries of client engagements.
  • Pass a qualifying interview by a CMC panel.
  • Pass the qualifying on-line examination.

​Certified members are voting members and receive full benefits of the Institute.


A Professional Member is a practicing management consultant, who agrees to subscribe to the CIMC Code of Ethics and who may choose to work towards the Institute’s professional qualification of CMC.

The applicant must provide evidence of at least one of the following:

  • At least three years experience as a management consultant.
  • At least five years experience in management.
  • At least five years experience in a technical or professional specialty.
  • Masters Degree in business or related field (e.g. MBA).
  • Currently working as a consultant.

​Professional members are voting members with full benefits.


An Associate Member is a professional who either has an interest in management consulting or engages in providing services to the management consulting profession and supports the mission of the Institute.

Associates may include

  • Academics in the field of management, professional service providers,
  • Business journalists
  • Practicing managers in the public and private sectors.

​Associates must abide by the CIMC Code of Ethics but are not eligible to vote and may not receive the full benefits of the Institute.


A Student Member is a full time tertiary student who has an interest in management consulting and supports the objectives of the Institute.

​The special rate is for those actively studying at an accredited tertiary institution, who are desirous of becoming management consultants and who agree to abide by the Institute Code of Ethics. Student members may continue at the student rate as long as they continue to be a student in good standing or 12 months immediately subsequent to graduation, and not actively pursuing consulting clients. Student members do not have voting rights, and may not receive the full benefits of the Institute.

Corporate Membership is open to consultants working in management consulting firms with five or more practicing management consultants. An initial relationship is established with each consulting firm  applying for corporate membership and then members of that firm individually complete their applications for assessment.

Membership Fees

Please contact us for Corporate Membership options

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