Spotlight on the Consulting Services Sector

Consultants throughout the region are today joining their colleagues from the around the globe in celebration of International Consultants Day.    

The first Thursday in June has been recognized as International Consultants Day for the past thirteen years and the Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants (CICMC) join its fellow institutes in the milestone celebrations.  

CICMC seeks to spotlight and celebrate the strong intrinsic values that our institute and members bring to the region and its individual member states.  We also wish to highlight our affiliation with our umbrella organization, the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), its 56 regional institutes and 56,000 consultants.   This speaks to access throughout the region and the world, for our members and, by extension, the communities we serve.

In the Caribbean, recognizing that members are drawn from throughout CARIFORUM and the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs), we focus on seeking commonalities and formulating network partnerships, to strengthen our service offerings to clients and key stakeholders.

‘Building capacity of members, creating value for clients, developing competitive advantages’ 

Our mission statement embodies this approach and we are excited about the positive gains we have already experienced this year, as we now prepare for our annual conference and annual general meeting.

I am equally excited about the fact that ICMCI has most recently announced the current publication of the ISO 20700 Standard, the standard about the guidelines for management consultancy services. This is the result of more than 10 years’ of work by many of our ICMCI colleagues, along with key stakeholders from and outside of our industry, who provided the support and drive.  It is hoped that this official standard will improve the working environs for our profession.

As the capacity building champion for regional consultants, CICMC is proud to preview its plans to expand our training outreach, to attract and provide professional support to young professional on both gender and minority sensitive issues.  This is in addition to the evolution of our ‘Principles and Practices of Management Consulting’ workshops and inclusive of the translation services that are now available to members and key stakeholders, through our Secretariat offices.

As we mark this milestone, we remain most appreciative of our role in the region and our commitment to the promotion of knowledge and interaction among our member and the Caribbean community in general; to enhance the capacity building of members and their competitiveness.   We strongly encourage our members to interactively support national development efforts, to use their competences and expertise to advance growth in their individual jurisdictions. 

Finally, we recognize and thank our regional stakeholders for their ongoing support.  Our progress and positive trajectory today would not have been possible without them.

CICMC also takes this opportunity to invite all interested consultants to learn more about the work of and membership in CICMC.  Please visit our website: or contact   

Author: connycimc