The workshop on the Principles and Practice of Management Consulting (PPOMC) is a competency based training programme designed to enhance skills and practical understanding of what is required of effective management consultants. Developed within the context of the standards and requirements of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), the PPOMC is one of the requirements of CMC Certification through the CICMC.

The CMC Global’s Competency Framework defines the competencies – the behaviours, skills and knowledge that Management Consultants are expected to understand, apply and demonstrate, as you provide strategic and tactical solutions to your clients. Whether you are an experienced consultant, or one new to profession, you will gain insights, tools and approaches to strengthen your consulting practice and international competitiveness – creating greater value for your clients. The interactive and participatory methodology will enable you to:

  1. Understand of the business of management consulting – obtaining guidance on how to stay abreast of industry trends, standards and practices;
  2. Engage effectively with your team and clients – identifying and applying the interpersonal skills needed to establish and maintain relationships with internal and external clients and associates;
  3. Enrich your consulting engagement process – exploring different levels and types of diagnosis, research and analysis that occur at various stages of the management consulting process;
  4. Improve consulting and project management processes and techniques – identifying management consulting models, tools and techniques and their appropriate use in various consulting disciplines;
  5. Enhance ethics and professionalism – understanding the Code of Ethics for our Profession and exploring practical implications for the consulting practice.

​The PPOMC Workshop is offered periodically during the year by experience CMCs. Contact the CICMC Administrator for further information.

Author: connycimc